Bridal jewelry

Jewelry has been part of  sub-continent civilization since ancient history

Jewelry made of gold, silver, copper, ivory, pottery and beads have been discovered in civilizations of Harrapa and Mohanjodaro. The Indus walley goldsmiths knew how to make muoulds for  metal and terra-cotta ornaments. Gold jewelry from those civilizations consist of bracelets, necklases, bangels, ear ornaments, rings, head ornamenstr, brooches, girdles etc. Tha art has been perfected with modern style and further materials used. Besides gold and other metal jewelry, stones, conch shells, wood, plant seeds, etc. are used. Ethnic patterns, with intricate motifs are much in demand for their absorbing style. Keep in mind that all gold jewely items used by Sub-Continent and Arab women are made of pure 22 karat gold.
















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