Headwear 3D effect

Hello, I present a new collection of mini winter headwear on which was a lot of work. They are hand embroidered and knitted. 3D effect. And they are offered for sale. See and buy them on Facebook you on my page Ivana Cifranic and order them, or you can visit my website: http://www.sashe.sk/cherie-cherie. Where you can see my work. thank you and have a nice day.

čiapka 013 čiapka 014 čiapka 012








čiapka 016

čiapka 015 čiapka 007








čiapka 061

čiapka 060 čiapka 033








čiapka 041 čiapka 054 čiapka 055








čiapka 024 čiapka 015 čiapka 026








čiapka 028čiapka 029 čiapka 031



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